About Us

Established in November 2013 & located in Khabarovsk.

Friends, our restaurant will move you to the atmosphere of the old Europe, where you will forget about pressing problems and can relax with a glass of wine during a fiesta, a cup of coffee and pastries during the break from work. In the evening, dine in a romantic setting or in a circle of friends with juicy steaks. And our friendly staff will help you figure out this gastronomic abundance. Which will answer any questions.

Our Products

We care about our reputation. Our menu every time pleasantly surprises visitors. After all, we buy only natural meat and vegetables and only from trusted suppliers.

And we are impressed by the reliability of our partners. Specializing in certain products, they offer a huge selection for the restaurant menu. Always promptly informing about new products, suppliers will only deliver fresh, environmentally friendly products on time.

And this is so important, especially when it comes to fish, seafood and meat. This allows you to cook your favorite dishes, having tried them, you strive again and again to return to LUGA.